Iron Silicate

Iron Silicate

In the mid 2000’s, when our shipowning experience started, we were introduced to various new industries.

One of them was the copper smelting. This fascinating industry produces copper in its purest form.

It does so by transforming mineral extraction materials, mainly copper ore. By definition, coming it from the earth, copper ore also carries a number of elements other than copper, such as iron in this case.

The iron element, undesired in the final copper products, is eliminated from the copper process with the help of silica injection in the smelting phase. These two elements bond together and therefore form the iron silicate.

This iron silicate is inevitably a by-product produced in wide scale in the copper smelting process. It has no use in the copper world anymore, but it caught our interest.



The iron silicate comes from a smelting process, and therefore, it no longer carries any CO2 when introduced in a clinker kiln, this makes it even more eco-friendly.

A thorough analysis of its physical and chemical characteristics revealed that it is a perfectly compatible iron corrector in the clinker production in cement industry.

Therefore, after an intensive campaign of testing it industrially, we are now proud consistent distributors of iron silicate in Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea.

iron silicate


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