Biomass electric power plant

Biomass electric power plant

After the Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) or mad cow disease, was tragically widely spread across Europe, a number of animals were killed.

This, among multiple other things, generated a lot of carcasses of bovines.

There was the challenge to efficiently eliminate said carcasses and the period of biomass was rushing.

The Italian government issued a tender to recycle the sludges issued from carcass treatment and destruction.



We proposed to build a small power plant fuelled by animal sludge.
We obtained the tender and managed to put in place, build and make operational the power plant.

It was a triple win as this gave a solution to the huge amount of carcass to eliminate.

It produced electrical power, economically efficient.

It was planted within the premises of a great energy consuming third party cement plant, to which the electric power was fed, consequently reducing the consumption from the public grid.

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