Waste Valorization

MGM pays scrupulous attention and great interest to the environment, waste, and energy.

All industries, as well as public urban areas, produce waste. Each person’s waste is something they no longer want because it has served its purpose. However, every waste, whether industrial or urban, actually has characteristics that make it interesting for another industry.

We have focused significant attention and years of analysis and exploration to find the best second life for each waste we encounter.

This is what we call valorization. This valorization can be energetic, physical, chemical, or a combination of all three.

Processing Centers

Through the processing centers we collaborate with, we can obtain waste that can be tailored to each client's specific requirements for optimal valorization.

Industrial Waste

We process a wide range of industrial waste for their energy valorization. This includes plastics and rubbers in all their forms and sizes, as well as used oils, filter papers, and animal meals.

Physical and Chemical Waste

For the physical and chemical aspect, we process various waste from industries such as steel, glass, foundries, refineries, and sites to be converted.

Our Challenge

Our daily challenge is to meet the demand of each client. This could be a factory producing a specific waste without knowing what it can become. We analyze its characteristics and study its compatibility with other industrial processes. Laboratory tests are conducted, followed by small-scale factory trials. If compatibility is approved, the flow can then begin, and the waste finds a second life.

Similarly, we conduct the process in reverse. It often happens that an industry requires specific elements, recipe correctors, or the need to offset emissions, or take concrete actions for the environment. In these specific cases, which are becoming increasingly common, we search for the corresponding waste for these users, highlighting the importance of the initial preparation and treatment of waste through our partners.



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