MV Antonella – Ship owners

MV Antonella – Ship owners

In 2006, after extensively chartering third parties’ vessels, and having performed the Piombino discharging belts and cranes. (case 3 Piombino)

Necessity of completing the picture and being more independent

The necessity of distributing efficiently iron ore fines around Med Sea

Step up the game



The vessel MV Antonella, CEO’s wife first name, was bought.
4915 gross tonnage vessel chosen precisely for its size, both cargo capacity and dimensions.
It was fitting to match the Darsena pier in Piombino to reload iron ore fines.
It was the size to match the supply for cement plants for iron corrector.
MV Antonella represented the beginning of the ship owning history of MGM.

Multiple outcomes were generated by this turning point achievement.

MGM started to perform vessels management, and extended the services to yachting

New routes were discovered, new clients were met, new industries were added to the portfolio.

The chartering activity of third parties’ vessel did not decrease, it actually made MGM stronger in the charterer’s position.


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