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Import and export raw materials worldwide.

Customize industrial products.

Give waste a second life and valorize them.


Since 1990

We started by specializing in the import and export of petroleum products and raw materials for the cement and steel industries.

Our expertise quickly expanded to solid fuels, both primary and secondary in nature, including by-products and waste.

Since 1990
Value Chain Control

We took over the management of a small dock and purchased systems for unloading and reloading small-sized vessels. We then acquired our own vessel that perfectly fits the characteristics of our dock.

This allowed us to take charge of the entire distribution chain of imported iron ore.

Since then, we have become shipowners, and our horizons have expanded, allowing us to work with a large number of new industries, among other opportunities.

Value Chain Control
Cement Production Management

We converted an old industry into a clinker grinding center, which allowed us to become cement producers and develop an increased understanding of production and manage the chain from start to finish.

Cement Production Management
Waste Valorization

In the desire to explore whether there were resources in waste, we conducted studies in physics and chemistry.

Waste Valorization


Today, we specialize in the import and export of raw materials worldwide.

We are capable of customizing products according to industry needs.

Furthermore, we are committed to giving waste a second life and actively valorizing them.

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Finance Manager

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Import and export raw materials worldwide.