Delivery Method

Over the years, MGM has accumulated extensive experience in logistics and transportation, allowing us to offer goods with any delivery terms.

Our strength lies in versatility, making us adaptable to the requirements of each client.

A wide range of Incoterms

We have the knowledge, connections, and capabilities to offer our goods under a wide range of Incoterms. We start from FOB for maritime or EXW/FOT for land, up to DAP regardless of the location, and for maritime, including DAT and CIF depending on the cases and requirements of each.

Depending on the client, country, or type of merchandise, we are obliged to deliver the goods following specific protocols. For example, some ports tend to have little or no unloading facilities, so it is necessary to plan to deliver the goods with self-unloading vessels. Some clients may have limited space in their factories, so delivery to the terminal and on-site storage may be required. Some prefer to use their vessels; we proceed with FOB.

Land Transportation

For land transportation, we have a network of partners that allows us to cover all types of transport, including solids in bulk, tankers, moving floor trailers, and liquids in tankers.

Moreover, these delivery modes can be combined in particularly complex situations or simply to optimize costs and transportation time. The transport becomes intermodal. In such cases, we may have trucks that handle part of the transport on the road, then switch to a central, longer part loaded onto a train or transport ship, before returning to the road for final delivery.



Import and export raw materials worldwide.